Steelers options to replace Terrell Edmunds after his recent goodbye to Pittsburgh

Terrell Edmunds, Steelers
Terrell Edmunds, Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Adding a AFC North veteran trying to re-prove himself could be an option in free agency

Earlier in the offseason, the Cleveland Browns got to work and were forced to make a couple of hard decisions. They had to let John Johnson III go after he sat in their starting role for a handful of seasons. His cap number was too high, and the Browns felt that he was not in their future vision of the football team.

Perhaps the Steelers could have interest in the former AFC North rival safety as he currently sits on the couch waiting for a call. Johnson is not going to wow many with his overall play, but he did not grade out much worse than Edmunds did this past season. Both have similar trajectories in recent years, and he could be a reliable replacement. Add in the fact that he is only 27, and it makes a lot of sense for the black and gold to add him.

Johnson is a former third-round pick of the LA Rams back in 2017 and has shown some high pro football focus grades before. He has not had a great season during his time in Cleveland, but the Steelers could potentially get him on a prove-it contract for this year. He would be a reliable option to plug into the starting lineup and could take away the immediate urgency being felt. This is a player that the organization is familiar with and someone that could be an asset if the club signs him.