Steelers personalities that will be a joy to watch on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'

It may feel wrong that Hard Knocks will be featuring the Steelers, but there are some fun personalities on the team that fans will enjoy seeing more of.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Understandably, a chunk of the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase is turned off by the franchise being featured on HBO's Hard Knocks series. But, once the show airs, it won't be all bad.

For starters, the team is sharing screen time with the rest of the AFC North division, so it won't be quite as intrusive. Thankfully, though, that won't cut into seeing more personality out of fan-favorite stars across the roster.

These members of the Steelers will be the most fun to see soak up the screen time.

5. Mike Tomlin

Yes, the head coach of the team is eligible, and if ever there was a coach that would maximize the entertainment value of Hard Knocks unintentionally or otherwise, it's Mike Tomlin.

Tomlin has shown to be a fun-loving guy in podcast appearances with Ben Roethlisberger and such. Of course, the fanbase sees more of Tomlin's serious side while he's working, but that doesn't mean he can't flip the switch.

After all, Tomlin is annually regarded as one of the top "player's coaches" in the NFL and knows how to relate to his players as if he was just one of the guys.

As a bonus, we'll likely get a few more obscure Tomlinisms during the series.

4. Najee Harris

We saw what feels like a glimpse of Najee Harris's fun personality when he was drafted by the Steelers in 2021 leading up to his rookie season. As the team has struggled in the seasons since it seems Harris is a bit more rigid with the media out of frustration.

That doesn't mean he's lost that personality, though. This year, we've already seen clips from minicamp of him trolling a Georgia teammate during drills and having fun on the practice field.

Having covered Harris at Alabama, he's one of the most genuinely hilarious players I've ever had the opportunity to interact with. Seeing him cut up in front of the cameras will be a treat.

3. Patrick Queen

Patrick Queen was one of many Baltimore Ravens defenders who always seemed to have some of the most bizarre interactions with his teammates on social media we've ever seen from NFL players. It was always in good fun, so even his jabs at his now rival Ravens friends can be seen for its comedic value.

Still, our access to the newest addition to the starting linebacker group has been partially limited simply due to timing. Hopefully, we'll get to see him rib players like Minkah Fitzpatrick, TJ Watt, and Cam Heyward as he gets familiar with his new team.

Oh, and let us see him venture into downtown Pittsburgh for a bite to eat so he can give one more jab to Baltimore.

2. Joey Porter Jr.

Joey Porter Jr. doesn't lack the brash confidence his father was famous for. Now that he's building a reputation as a great young cornerback in the NFL, he's starting to let that personality show just a bit more.

What will be great about Porter is that most of his personality will show on the field in direct competition with the Steelers' receiving corp. Every rep he wins will show off his smack-talking chops while every loss is sure to come with the guarantee it won't happen again.

Of course, there's one battle all eyes will be glued to when those scenes come up: against #14.

1. George Pickens

They don't call George Pickens the Alien solely for his athletic ability. Since the moment he was announced as the Steelers' second-round pick in 2022 with a ski mask on his face preposterously positioned inches from his television screen, fans have known Pickens is an unexplainable enigma.

While Pickens has shown he can be a lovable goof when everything is going well, his fierce competitive spirit carries a similar brashness similar to Porter Jr.'s that can often be misunderstood.

Watching him battle on the practice field with the Steelers' defensive backs will be just as fun as watching him cut up with his fellow receivers. There's little doubt that Pickens will walk away from this season of Hard Knocks as the star of the show.