Steelers players whose jobs are now in jeopardy after free agency burst

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2. Mark Robinson may still have a tiny role on defense

Things were probably looking encouraging for Mark Robinson after the start of free agency... for a few hours at least. As the Steelers were looking to wipe the slate clean by moving on from Myles Jack, Devin Bush, and Robert Spillane, new linebackers instantly took their place.

While the Cole Holcomb signing by itself wouldn't have been detrimental to Robinson's career path, the addition of Holcomb plus Elandon Roberts could be. Roberts and Robinson have very similar frames and playstyles. However, Roberts has a huge leg up being an NFL veteran and a former team captain of the Miami Dolphins.

This means that Robinson is likely going to continue in a reserve role for the Steelers. However, we don't know for sure that he's a lock to make the roster at this point in time.

Pittsburgh could be eyeing a linebacker at some point in the 2023 NFL Draft -- potentially as early as the second round. This would be one more player who would push Robinson down in the pecking order at the position. The Steelers' decisions in free agency didn't completely do Robinson in, but they didn't help his cause.