Steelers post minicamp 53-man roster predictions (including the final depth chart)

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Little immediate affects are felt to the Steelers initial starting O-line

Offensive line (9): Dan Moore Jr., Isaac Seumalo, Broderick Jones, Chuks Okorafor, James Daniels, Mason Cole, Kevin Dotson, Nate Herbig, outside center addition

Other than the competition at both tackle spots, the offensive line does not have too much drama up front. Most of the new additions will be depth pieces, besides Isaac Seumalo who will start at left guard. There are probably two to three spots up for grabs on the offensive line when you get past the different starters or borderline starters that will back them up.

Nate Herbig and Kevin Dotson would be quality depth behind James Daniels and Seumalo. It is possible that Dotson either gets traded or released as he does not seem too thrilled about being demoted. Ideally, the Steelers will be able to find an upgrade for their backup center position between now and after initial cuts come through.

Starting offensive line: Dan Moore Jr. (LT), Isaac Seumalo (LG), Mason Cole (OC), James Daniels (RG), Chuks Okorafor (RT)

Might not be the outcome everyone is looking for right now, but it seems the most realistic of becoming a reality. Broderick Jones could probably start week one, but he has a brutal lineup to start the year if he does. It seems like the best thing to do is get more experienced tackles out there for the first couple of weeks before turning toward Jones to plug into left tackle.

That will then open the door for Dan Moore Jr. to slide over to right tackle, which seems like a good possibility of happening. The interior of this offensive line should show vast improvements to the front, but those tackles are still sketchy. If Jones can catch on fast and that side flop for Moore works, then this could be a strong group.