Steelers roster: Pittsburgh must prioritize these free agents following the NFL Draft

Reuben Foster, Steelers
Reuben Foster, Steelers / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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A former first round pick in the USFL could peak the Steelers interest

Another interesting option for the black and gold could be Reuben Foster. He brings the first-round pedigree that the Steelers love to bring onto their team via free agency. Foster is also currently employed by the Maulers, just like Blewitt is. This linebacker is playing great football right now and has shown his NFL-level abilities during the early goings of this season.

There have been some off-the-field issues with this player which led to him being out of the NFL since. Plenty of injury issues and more notably, criminal charges are the brunt of the problems with this player. Foster has seen different accusations of domestic abuse and marijuana charges as well. All those charges were dropped for various reasons.

Foster would be a gamble as the talent on the field has always been there and the Steelers are looking for an upgrade in the middle of their defense. It is possible that Nick Herbig could end up playing there in the NFL, but it will take time to see if he will work out as an outside linebacker first. Adding Foster would bring in a prime linebacker that will be out to prove something. It would take a lot of homework on Foster before this club can give the go ahead to sign him.