Steelers Roster Projection: Who is going to make the final cut in 2023?

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Football Player "FP" (1): Connor Heyward

Notice Heyward's designation isn't "FB" or "TE".

It's "FP" in "Football Player".

Heyward should be a big part of the Steelers' offense this year, regardless of the position he plays. He's one of the reasons the team can keep just three running backs, as his ability to carry the ball was put on display against the Falcons.

While playing mostly tight end last season, his athleticism leads me to believe that he could line up in some five-wide formations in the slot and produce. Maybe not at an Allen Robinson or Calvin Austin level, but Heyward can get you a first down and then some when you need it.

Not to mention that Heyward is an excellent blocker and special teams player. This guy is what Kendrick Green secretly wishes he was.

Wide Receivers (6): Diontae Johnson, George Pickens, Allen Robinson II, Calvin Austin III, Gunner Olszewski, Miles Boykin

The Steelers' starting trio of wide receivers provides Pickett with a nice mix of superior route-running (Johnson), amazing play-making (Pickens), and veteran leadership from the slot (Robinson). Then you have the blazing speed and quickness of Austin.

With Boykin being a special teams ace, his position is secure. The only real question for this group is if Olszewski makes the squad. I believe he does, at least temporarily, because he's more proven than the other options on the pre-season roster.

However, I'm not sure where Olszewski fits in. Austin is locked in as the team's punt returner and backup slot to Robinson. If the Steelers keep Olszewski, that means that three of their six receivers are slot-types and another (Boykin) is mainly used for special teams.

I'm wondering if it's possible that the Steelers will look on the waiver wire to find a reserve wideout. That could cost Olszewski his job, but for now, I think he's safe.