Steelers rumored quarterback upgrades ranked from least likely to most possible

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This idea of Russell Wilson joining the Steelers has been something fans have rumored for a couple of years now. Once he was on the trade block with the Seattle Seahawks, many fans started to demand the addition of Wilson. He was known as a reliable veteran quarterback at the time and someone who could elevate the quarterback play to another level.

Wilson ended up being dealt to the Denver Broncos for a haul of picks and a ginormous contract extension. He is an aging quarterback and his time in Denver did not go to plan. The Broncos started to show signs of progress last season, but they still missed the playoffs. Wilson started to play better under Head Coach Sean Payton, but it was nothing special either.

He is an aging quarterback who seems to be showing signs of decline. He had a tremendous career with the Seahawks, but his time in the mountains of Denver has seen him turn into a different player. Wilson is still a smart guy, but he isn't going to beat defenses with his past ways. He must rely on being a smart veteran quarterback who limits turnovers and adds points to the board.

It doesn't make sense for the Steelers to trade for Wilson. If the Broncos do release him then this could be a possibility. One would have to imagine that Wilson wants a place where he can win and make some cash too. The Steelers can't afford a huge contract to an aging quarterback, but it makes a little more sense than Cousins since Wilson's reputation has fallen.