Steelers see massive turnover over in this first edition 2024 mock offseason

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Free Agency gets noteworthy on the offensive side of the ball for Pittsburgh

Let's get wild here with Pittsburgh making a huge play at quarterback and bringing in Baker Mayfield. They get him at a reasonable value, even though it would end up expensive if he became the backup. Only a two-year contract, but the Steelers get the legit quarterback competition they want with Pickett come training camp.

Adding an offensive lineman with experience is something the Steelers will want to do in free agency. They sign James Hurt to a one-year deal at a cheap rate. He has played a lot of guard recently, but he can kick outside to right tackle too. This puts pressure off the draft, but Hurst is mostly a depth piece for the Steelers at this point.

Parris Campbell joins the black and gold as a veteran slot receiver. He played this past season with the Giants, and not everything went smoothly there. He had good production with the Colts prior to that. A cheap depth piece that could be a solid starter in the slot if needed.

The last two additions in free agency are nothing too crazy. They do bring back Josh Dobbs to be their third quarterback option. His mania has died off, but he can start a few games for you if injuries start to pile up. Blake Gillikin is a punter that the Steelers need to bring on board to push Pressley Harvin III out of the building.