Steelers shocking cap casualties who are sticking on the roster this offseason

Kevin Dotson, Steelers
Kevin Dotson, Steelers / Eakin Howard/GettyImages
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The NFL is roughly a couple of weeks into their new league year. It kicked off with a flurry of news as the free agency frenzy kicks off everything. Tons of players have been able to find new homes as they sought new deals. The Steelers were one of the more active clubs during this offseason process and signed a good number of players to join their club.

They were able to upgrade the interior of the offensive line, both at a starting spot and depth pieces as well. The entire middle linebacker group was revamped with some more hope toward success this time around. Pittsburgh was able to accomplish a lot, but they did surprise some with some of the moves they refused to make.

Plenty of cap space to make addition signings in free agency

Over the cap is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to contract and cap numbers for players in the NFL. They currently have the Steelers sitting at a hair under 11 million to spend on free agents and the upcoming draft class. That cap space does not have to be spent, but it is a possibility if they choose to use it.

It is crazy to imagine that this organization could have been even more active in free agency, and they could still have some moves on the way. Free agency is starting to dwindle, and names continue to come off the market, but the draft is starting to get closer. There are ways to open more cap space if this club feels the need to fill a couple of softer spots on the roster before the draft rolls around.