Steelers signing of Russell Wilson will either bring a circus or a quarterback fix

With Russell Wilson signing with the Steelers, it will either be great or end in misery

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With reports circulating that the Steelers and Russell Wilson have agreed to a contract, there are plenty of things that could happen. We know that Wilson brings a big brand along with him that includes plenty of commercials and names tagged to him. He is also married to a star, which has put him into the celebrity spotlight even more.

That attention could cause some people to falter, but Wilson has been able to stay relatively level-headed.

Wilson has gotten a bad rap from certain teammates in the past, and that could cause concern moving forward. One thing we do know is that Pittsburgh knows about big egos and Mike Tomlin would be up for the challenge if those past rumors about him being a bad teammate were true.

With Wilson signing with Pittsburgh, most should assume that he will become the starter. They will claim it's a competition, but they also claimed that Kenny Pickett was their guy for next season. That has not turned out to be the case. Also, Mason Rudolph will not be returning to the team. Unless his free agency market becomes bare, he will not return to the Steelers as their third quarterback.

Russell Wilson signing with the Steelers can only end in one of two ways...

There are only two potential outcomes from this signing. Either Wilson gets back to where he was in Seattle and gets the Steelers some postseason success, or it completely flops. Things did not work out in Denver, and that could be for a variety of reasons. His Head coach in the first year had no reason to hold that title. Sean Payton seemed content with moving on from Wilson rather quickly.

His time in Denver deserves criticism from both Wilson and the Broncos. Things didn't work out and now Wilson gets another shot to redeem his NFL career. He has been successful in the past, but he has not been the same player over the past couple of seasons. With a new change of scenery, the hope is that Wilson can join the Steelers and become a reliable veteran for the club.

One thing is for sure, Wilson should be an upgrade over Kenny Pickett. The former first-round pick of the Steelers has not worked out and has played timid at times. If the signing of Wilson fails, then Pickett does have a great shot at redeeming himself as the starter for this team. If Wilson lives up to his "bad teammate" mantra then this could spiral quickly.

After meeting with the team earlier, it seems like the Steelers feel confident in what Wilson brings. If he does turn out to be an issue and cause problems, then this circus will be kicked out of town pretty quickly.

Don't expect a franchise-type quarterback at this point in Wilson's career, but you can assume he will be a reliable veteran who can lead an improved offensive attack if all goes well. Steelers Nation let's ride!

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