Steelers stock report after the first wave of OTAs

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WR Calvin Austin III: Stock up

One of the most talked-about players during the first wave of Steelers OTAs is Calvin Austin III. Many were wondering how the young wide receiver would look after the former Memphis product spent his entire rookie season on IR. It's very apparent that Austin is healthy and ready to go.

Austin wasn't limited at all running through wide receiver positional drills. In fact, the electrifying receiver is looking as quick and twitchy as ever. Fans are gushing over his stop-and-start ability, and while we haven't seen all-out running yet, we know he can blaze a path with his elite 4.32 speed.

Austin even looked good going through ball carrier drills thanks to his lightning-fast feet and ability to go zero to sixty. Again, we are talking about practice in shorts from a former fourth-round pick who hasn't played a snap of football in the NFL, and it's important to remember that Austin is likely to have limitations due to his tiny frame (5'7 3/4'', 170 lbs).

Regardless, we can't say that he doesn't look good so far at Steelers OTAs. Watching each of the wide receivers go through drills and run routes back-to-back, Calvin Austin III is noticeably quicker than anyone else in the group, and the coaching staff is no doubt taking notes as well.