Steelers are sure to target these 3 players with strong family ties in the NFL Draft

Steelers, Nick Herbig
Steelers, Nick Herbig / John Fisher/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have some unique trends that not every team in the league shares. Among them -- and their worst-kept secret -- is that Mike Tomlin and the organization greatly value strong family bloodlines.

The proof is in the pudding. The Steelers were the first NFL team ever to have three different sets of brothers on the team all at the same time with the Watts, Edmunds, and Heywards. Just last year, Pittsburgh added Connor Heyward in the NFL Draft -- a move that many of us predicted would happen.

It's clear that this is something that is very important to them, and there's no reason to suggest that it no longer matters to Tomlin. It just so happens that the 2023 NFL Draft has three players with strong family ties that the Pittsburgh Steelers could very well target.

1. Steelers could target Joey Porter Jr.

This is the most obvious one, as Joey Porter Jr. is the son of former All-Pro outside linebacker, Joey Porter. As Porter Sr. was both a player and defensive assistant coach for the Steelers, so his presence was clearly valued within the organization.

What makes Porter Jr. the most frequently mocked player to the Steelers in the first round is the combination of his bloodlines, traits, and fit that lines up with a big need for Pittsburgh. Even after signing Patrick Peterson, the mean age of a Steelers cornerback in 2023 (based on the players who are currently on the team) is 29 years old. Tomlin knows that he needs to get younger, faster, and better at the position.

Porter certainly fits the bill as a physical boundary CB with an intense football demeanor. He already would have been on their radar if his name was 'Joe Schmo,' but his strong family bloodlines are the icing on the cake.