Steelers top potential trade partners in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Steelers could find a trade partner or two in the upcoming draft to move up and down the board.
Nov 27, 2021; Durham, North Carolina, USA;  Duke Blue Devils offensive tackle Graham Barton (62)
Nov 27, 2021; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils offensive tackle Graham Barton (62) / Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL Draft less than a week away, there have been some rumblings about the potential trades that could happen between rounds one through seven. We know the Steelers normally stay at their pick and select when their time comes. But Omar Khan has shown the ability to be aggressive and make deals if a certain prospect becomes available.

Right now, it seems like a trade-up is more likely than a trade-down in the first round. If a certain situation would arise, then no one should be ruling out anything for Pittsburgh, especially on night one. They have a lot of holes to fill in the draft, and they will try their best to take the best player available at those selections. A trade could be in the cards for the black and gold. 

Seattle Seahawks could pose as a trade up partner for the Steelers

Somewhat similar to last year with the Broderick Jones situation where the Steelers traded up a couple of spots, Seattle could be an option. They hold the 16th overall pick, which is four slots in front of Pittsburgh. It shouldn't cost too much draft capital to move up those four picks. The main thought behind this would be the clubs they would be leapfrogging.

If offensive tackles start flying off the board early, or someone like Taliese Fuaga slips to around that pick, then they could try to move up. Making a move with the Seahawks would make a ton of sense if Pittsburgh likes Fuaga or Amarius Mims enough. It would likely cost around the same deal they did for Jones last year which sent a swap of first-round picks and their fourth-round selection that draft.

There could be a major trade back with the Buffalo Bills in the draft

Everyone knows how desperate the Bills are for a quality receiver or two in this draft. They lost both Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis this offseason. One left via trade and the other in free agency. Buffalo has almost no quality receiver options on the roster entering the draft. That desperation could create an environment for a trade back with a bounty of draft picks in return.

Most of this deal would matter if one, Brian Thomas Jr. was still on the board at the Steelers pick, and if the Bills like him enough to move up eight spots. This might take Pittsburgh out of the Graham Barton sweepstakes, but they could get some extra draft picks and still have a chance to take someone like Jackson Powers-Johnson or Zach Frazier.

Detroit Lions could be aggressive and trade with the Steelers

It was a great story last season to watch the Lions go from jokes in the NFL to a team that could be hoisting the Super Bowl trophy if all goes to plan within the next year or two. That mindset might make them a dangerous team in terms of trading up in the first round. They are close to getting to the Super Bowl, they just need someone to put them over the hump.

Detroit selects at pick 29 in round one, so that would mean them moving up nine picks to take the Steeler's original draft choice of the night. It would probably cost the Lions anywhere from a third to fourth-round pick in the draft. Much like the Bills situation laid out earlier, the Steelers would get an extra pick in the middle rounds and likely still be in prime position for a starting center. 

Tennessee would be a perfect spot to get a Center on day two of the draft

If the black and gold decide to go in another direction in round one of the draft, center will remain a top priority entering day two. Many reporters who cover the Steelers have been consistent in stating the club will try to move up higher in the second round to secure a starting center if one of them remains. It will all depend on how the draft shakes out.

Tackle, cornerback, or wide receiver could be other options to be the top pick in the upcoming draft. That would likely leave someone like Powers-Johnson or Frazier as one of the few available centers in round two. The Steelers could move up with someone like the Titans who own the 38th overall pick. They will likely have to move up high in the second round to secure Frazier or Powers-Johnson if they are still available.

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