Steelers under-the-radar signings that could have a huge impact in 2023

Steelers, Cole Holcomb
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As expected, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't go after the cream of the crop in free agency. This is a team that has been careful not to hand out massive contracts to players on the open market, and that looks like a trend that Omar Khan could continue now that Kevin Colbert is gone. But that doesn't mean that the Steelers didn't improve with some of the moves they made during the free agency period.

During the month of March, Pittsburgh unloaded a measly group of off-ball linebackers in an effort to better their defense and found some team captains to replace them. They also made a pair of signings on the offensive line that could prove to be significant.

Many fans would suggest that Patrick Peterson will prove to be the biggest outside signing Khan made during his first offseason as general manager, but here are three under-the-radar signings who could prove to have a huge impact in 2023.

3. Elandon Roberts could be an improvement over Myles Jack

I cautioned fans not to get too excited about Myles Jack when they signed him during the 2022 free-agency period. As I predicted, he was extremely underwhelming in his only season with the Steelers and proved to be overpaid before Khan cut him loose this offseason. While his replacement isn't a big name, his strengths could prove to be a significant improvement at the 'Buck' linebacker position.

Elandon Roberts didn't grade out much better than Jack at the linebacker position this past season for the Miami Dolphins. He's not a complete player and his lack of coverage ability is concerning. Regardless, Roberts does have a niche: he's excellent at coming downhill and blitzing from the middle of the defense.

Much like Vince Williams who occupied this role for years, Roberts can do some similar things. Roberts came into the league the same year Jack did back in 2017 and he has started 76 games (including all 17 for the Dolphins last season).

Roberts lit up the box score with 107 tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, and 4.5 sacks last season, per ESPN stats. He's not going to be perfect, but he could offer much more physicality as the downhill linebacker this year for the Steelers than what we've seen in years.