Steelers vs. Browns: Who the experts are taking in this Week 11 divisional clash

A tough AFC North matchup has experts divided
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Final Prediction does not favor the Steelers in a tough AFC North matchup

One thing that seems almost impossible to look past is these two offenses and how they should struggle. Kenny Pickett and company remain as one of the worst offensive groups in the NFL, and that won't stop this week against the top defense in the league. There are two quality defenses that should play this week, but the Steelers group is less consistent.

Unless Pickett has a great game and the run game carries over from the past few weeks, this is a tough matchup for the Steelers. They will need to get that going and completely stop Cleveland from running the ball with their offense. Things only get tougher from here, so this game seems like another must-win for the black and gold.

Final Prediction: Browns win the game 19-16

Keep an eye on the rookie quarterback for the Browns and if he can use his legs to not only extend plays but to rush for first downs. The Steelers will have a dysfunctional defense without great communicators out there for another week and that should allow for some rushing lanes. It will be up to the defensive front to control his escapability.

A field goal seems like the obvious difference in the outcome here as both offenses will struggle to add points throughout the day. That will open the door for either side to be the potential winner. Pickett will end his no-interception streak this week and it will prove to be costly. Thompson-Robinson won't have to win the game then and just set up for an easy game-winning field goal at home.

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