Steelers vs. Rams: Who the experts are taking in this Week 7 cross-country fight

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Final prediction has the Steelers falling on the road against the Rams

This one could go a couple of different directions for the black and gold. Either they will be blown out and the Rams will make them seem weak like the 49ers and Texans did earlier this year or this will be a close battle. The Steelers under Tomlin have struggled flying across the country and win football games during his tenure. That might continue this week.

The offense needs to put 20 or more points on the board this week to have a shot at winning this game. LA has too many weapons on offense and a reliable veteran quarterback to have Pittsburgh's offense remains stale this week. The only change the away team has in this one is the rest from their bye week and some potential opportunities presented to them.

Final Prediction: Rams 27, Steelers 19

Too many things working against the Steelers this week to have them as a victor with this prediction. The Rams have some issues of their own, but they have a lot of firepower on offense that should continue to gel this week. Matthew Stafford is still one of the better quarterbacks in the game of football and that should allow their offense to go up and down the field all game.

Pittsburgh needs their offense to step up here and that will rely on Kenny Pickett to play the best game of his career. They need to add points and the defense has to turn the ball over once or twice to rattle Stafford. It could be another ugly game if none of those things become reality. The Steelers offense is so bad that there seems to be little hope each week.

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