Steelers way-too-early 2024 7-round mock draft as training camp ramps up

Cheez-It Bowl - Clemson v Iowa State
Cheez-It Bowl - Clemson v Iowa State / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Training camp is in full swing as the 2023 Steelers get ready for their upcoming campaign. It has been non-stop news coming out of Saint Vincent College and that will likely continue as the regular season inches closer. As the NFL season gets ready to begin, their college counterparts are also starting to prepare for their respective seasons.

It might seem too early to look ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft, especially with neither football season kicking off yet. There are plenty of needs that will need to be filled this upcoming offseason and there are some college players that could make a lot of sense. Keep an eye on some of these names as they could be a pick in the Steelers upcoming draft.

Steelers try to fix their linebacker issues with their first round pick

. Clemson. Barrett Carter. player. Barrett Carter. 1. Barrett Carter. . Linebacker. 55

Barrett Carter out of Clemson is the top pick in this mock draft for Pittsburgh as they try and solve their linebacker woes once and for all. Carter is a great athlete that can play at different positions on the field, much like Micah Parsons does for the Cowboys. That is not necessarily comparing Carter to Parsons, but they can be deployed similarly.

This linebacker can do it all as he is effective rushing the passer, plugging holes against the run, and is a monster in coverage. Fans would rejoice at getting a linebacker that can be in the middle of the defense that can cover for once. Carter still has a lot to show this season, but he should be in store for a monster year heading into the draft.