Steelers way-too-early 53-man roster includes possible NFL Draft selections

Darnell Wright, Steelers
Darnell Wright, Steelers / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Trying to place the decision making between now and the beginning of the regular season is almost impossible to pinpoint right now. The NFL draft has not even happened yet, and that will affect the decision making of this club down the line. The pre-season is going to be full of interesting storylines to follow that will surely be determined based on how the draft and any remaining free agents pan out.

Seven selections are on the docket for the Steelers during the final weekend of April, and they will aim to upgrade their roster there. Do not be shocked if they target certain free agents as a backup plan if they are not able to address certain positions through the draft process. It is going to be a fun couple of weeks full of draft content before tons of 53-man roster predictions flood your timelines.

Steelers make some minor tweaks in the specialist department

Specialists (3): Chris Boswell, undrafted/free agent punter, Christian Kuntz

Providing competition at both kicker and punter must be something the black and gold commit to this pre-season. Chris Boswell suffered his worst season to date, and he cannot afford that with the type of cap hit he carries. His job is probably the safest between him and Pressley Harvin III, because of the amount of money he accounts for.

One player that could very likely lose his job this upcoming cut-down day is Harvin. The former draft pick of Pittsburgh has not gotten much better and that is a big concern. The Steelers have failed at the punting position for a while now, and they need to find quality to battle and likely replace Harvin. Christian Kuntz just got re-signed and he will likely be back as the long snapper without any competition.