The 4 worst Steelers who will make the roster post-training camp

Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green (53)
Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green (53) / Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers have begun their preparation for the regular season with the beginning of training camp. While 90 men are fighting for the chance to make the roster, only 53 will ultimately last after the initial rounds of cuts.

While the goal of any team is to build a talented and deep roster, that isn’t a realistic dream for most teams. Even if you have all of your starters set, depth will be an issue, ad there is only so much talent to go around in the league. Depth is vital, but every team will have some less-than-stellar players make the team.

Pittsburgh is no exception, as their roster has quite a few names that stick out as mediocre options for the team. Here are the four worst Steelers players with the best odds of making the team out of training camp.

Steelers could keep Le’Raven Clark

The offensive line is one of the hardest positions to have great depth at. All 32 teams need to have 8-10 linemen on the roster, and with elite talent itself in short supply, the depth can sometimes be questionable.

While the Steelers have three capable tackles due to them drafting one in the first round, Le’Raven Clark sticks out as an undesirable name that could stick around for this season. Signed as insurance heading into the draft, Clark fits the mold of what this team wants in its tackles. He is big and long, but that hasn’t translated so far during his career.

Despite being a former third-round pick, Clark has yet to become more than a swing tackle. While he had some good games early in his career, his play has plateaued in a below-average range. While the likelihood of having a great fourth tackle on any roster isn’t likely, Clark certainly struggles and would be best suited to remain on the bench.

While the team could only carry three tackles, if they opt for a fourth, Clark is the favorite to land the job. If he does make this team, he will hopefully not see a lot of the field, as his play has been mediocre at best. He is only depth, but the Steelers need to hope that Clark doesn’t need to see the field much this season.