The 4 worst Steelers who will make the roster post-training camp

Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green (53)
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Steelers could keep Chandon Sullivan

Not only is Chandon Sullivan a good bet to make the roster, but he is also a name that could end up starting for this defense. All of this even though, to this point in his career,  he hasn’t been a very good defender, and he certainly lacks consistency in his game.

Sullivan, to his credit, has been an undrafted success story. He had a good second and third season in the league, serving as a rotational player and a spot starter in the slot. He has maintained that type of role despite his play not progressing, and in the case of last season, regressing.

Sullivan had one of his worst seasons as a pro despite playing the most snaps to this point in his career. He wasn’t horrible, but he was picked on last year. All of this is despite the fact that the Vikings had one of the worst cornerback rooms in the league. Sullivan was still one of the usual targets for offenses to exploit.

He enters training camp as the Steelers most likely pure slot cornerback. While other names will be competing for snaps there, Sullivan has the most experience in the slot and has to be considered the favorite to work there.

Pittsburgh has gotten passable play out of unsuspecting slot players before, and while the hope is that Sullivan can continue that, he needs to improve his play from how it has been. As of now, he is one of the worst players in line to make the team as well as a potential weak starter for this defense.