The 4 worst Steelers who will make the roster post-training camp

Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green (53)
Pittsburgh Steelers center Kendrick Green (53) / Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers could keep Kendrick Green

Everyone’s favorite former third-round pick, Kendrick Green has been about as abysmal of a player as you could have hoped for. The Steelers had a huge hole at center and drafted Green with the expectation of him starting right away. All of this even though he was mostly a guard in college and was undersized for the position.

It went as I expected it, as Green struggled to play with consistency as a rookie. He was eventually benched and quickly moved on during the offseason. While he was given a crack at returning to guard last season, it seems like he is back at center this year and competing for a backup spot.

While many fans are quick to dismiss Green as an afterthought and an easy-cut candidate, the reality isn’t quite the same. The Steelers will use Mason Cole as their center again this season, but they are lacking a true backup. Green has been seeing most of his work this offseason there.

Assuming he wins that job and another roster spot this season, Green will certainly be a big liability. He thankfully didn’t have to see the field much last year, but if he becomes the backup center he would be one snap away from resuming the role he lost as a rookie.

While Nate Herbig could be the emergency center on gameday, Green will likely figure in as the long-term solution if Cole was to be injured. While there could be quite a few different backups by the end of camp, Green seems to be the favorite to land that role as of now. Assuming he makes the roster, he is easily one of the worst players to land on the team.