These Steelers players could shockingly stick around on the 2023 roster

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Steelers really love what Benny Snell offers

A player most fans seem to dismiss but the staff seems to like, Benny Snell hasn’t lived up to the productive college player the team was hoping they were landing in the fourth round. His lack of athleticism has hurt him and playing behind a very poor offensive line for most of his career hasn’t aided him. He was never going to be a great starter, but he hasn’t even turned into an effective backup.

What Snell has done for the Steelers is carve out a role on special teams. He plays on multiple units and has proven to be effective there. While I don’t want him seeing a huge share of offensive snaps, Snell is a great third back given what he offers on special teams.

While he will see what his market value is, I fully expect the Steelers to have a veteran minimum contract waiting for him if his market is cold. He can resume his role as the third back and special teams player. Don’t be shocked when he returns on a cheap deal to keep this running back room full.