These Steelers players could shockingly stick around on the 2023 roster

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Steelers may not be done with William Jackson

It was a very typical move for the Steelers when they added William Jackson to the roster via a trade at the deadline. Jackson was a player the team had a lot of predraft interest in and he was cheap considering all it took was a swap of late-round picks. The compensation ultimately didn’t matter, as Jackson was sidelined for the year and the picks from the trade were voided.

In no way will Jackson be around next season at his current cost. In fact, I fully expect him to be cut. The Steelers may offer to pay him the minimum, but Jackson would likely want to see what his market value is. I can’t imagine it is all that high right now, as he barely played last year and struggled while with the Commanders.

If the offseason and draft wrap up and the Steelers are unsure of their cornerback room, I think Jackson could be a target to return then. He has some familiarity with the system and could provide a veteran presence. It isn’t a slam dunk return, and it won’t be on his current deal, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jackson stick around in 2023 on a cheap deal.

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While most fans have written off these four Steelers, I think they find a way to sneak themselves onto the roster in 2023. At the bare minimum, don’t write them off as they could stick with the team. It may not be on the deals that they are currently on, but I won’t be shocked to see these players return.