Time to blow it up: a foolproof plan to rebuild the Steelers in 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports
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Opening the Steelers trade block

While already a gutting of this roster, my moves aren’t done with either. The following names would be made available via trade, and the right package would be needed to send them away. I would be willing to deal them over character concerns or due to the fact I don’t see them in my long-term plans. That said, it has to be the right offer, as I won’t be selling them for scraps.

The only caveat here is Cameron Heyward. I would be open with him and tell him that, more than likely, this team won’t be a competitor for the remainder of his time active. If he wants to seek a trade, I would allow it. If he wants to play out the remainder of his career here, I’ll allow it. He has earned the right to choose that.

The receiver room hasn’t. Diontae Johnson and George Pickens have flashed some very concerning antics this season, and if the right deal came in I would certainly be willing to deal either. Both are talented though, so it would have to be a hefty sum of picks.

I would also listen to offers for Kenny Pickett. Again, the price would have to be right, but I don’t envision him being the starter long-term. If someone wanted to give up an early draft pick for him, I would go for it.

Finally, Najee Harris would be made available. I’m not picking up his fifth-year option nor am interested in an extension at what I’m assuming his asking price is. I’m comfortable making Jaylen Warren the main guy as well, so Harris is expendable.

Again, I’m not forcing these players out, but if the right deal comes through, I would jump. For the remainder of this exercise though, I will assume no great offer rolled in and each of these players stick around for 2024.