To all Mike Tomlin haters: The Steelers chose the best option at Head Coach

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers
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It has been 16 years since the Pittsburgh Steelers named their successor to Bill Cowher. Those shoes were going to be almost too large to fill. The organization went into a search around the country and narrowed that down to about five coaches in total. Everyone involved decided on one person and that ended up being Mike Tomlin.

Throughout those 16 years of Tomlin in control, this club has never seen a losing season, which puts him up there as one of the best coaches in the league. He has been the source of plenty of scrutiny in recent years since the Steelers have not won a playoff game in over half a decade. The team made the right decision by hiring Tomlin in 2007, and that decision is still right today.

Mike Tomlin has been a good match with the Steelers since he was hired

Back when Tomlin was named the new head coach of the Steelers, he was still in his mid-30s. He joined a club with a vast history and plenty of players that were primed for some potential Super Bowl runs. His new voice in the locker room and motivational understanding helped his club get to the finish line in Super Bowl 43.

Many forget that Cowher struggled to make Super Bowls, let alone win them throughout his career. He went to a couple but only won one before he stepped away from coaching and retired. Tomlin still has a lot of coaching left in him and he will be in Pittsburgh until he chooses to do something else. Never having a losing season is not a litmus test for overall success, but it does put him in the conversation of being a consistent winner throughout his career.