Top 10 options to replace Mike Sullivan as the Steelers Quarterbacks Coach

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Klay Kubiak is an overshadowed name that could be the next Quarterbacks coach

Many have his brother, Klint Kubiak as a top option to become the Steelers' next offensive coordinator. If that does become a reality, then someone like Klay Kubiak would likely join him in Pittsburgh. Not a ton of information about Kubiak other than he has a historically rich NFL family and is someone who is young and should be a growing coaching option in the NFL for years to come.

He has been the assistant quarterbacks coach with the 49ers for two years now. They have been able to make Brock Purdy, the last pick in his draft a star player for them. There are plenty of quality offensive minds there, so adding someone like Kubiak should be able to carry those learning tools over to Pittsburgh. If Klint Kubiak becomes the next offensive coordinator, expect his brother Klay to be in the fold as the next quarterback's coach.

Ken Dorsey helped develop Josh Allen into the superstar player he is

It has been a little over two months since Ken Dorsey was fired as the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He held that role for a season and a half. That move seemingly paid off for the Bills as they turned their struggles around and won a playoff game before being knocked out of the playoffs in the second round. Dorsey might not have been the answer as a coordinator, but he could be as a positional coach.

He was a successful college quarterback of his own and transferred over to coaching at a young age. He was able to help Josh Allen turn into the superstar that he is today. Not all credit is always deserved to the coach, but you could see Allen's change when Dorsey took over as his quarterbacks coach. Maybe he can continue that magic with Pickett, but it might be worth a shot based on his experience.