Top 20 head coach candidates to replace Mike Tomlin if the Steelers decide to move on

  • A local Pittsburgh guy could be an interesting replacement
  • Ron Rivera has a prior Pittsburgh connection
  • Bill Belichick could be a free agent

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Brian Johnson could be the next Eagles offensive coordinator to get promoted

Keeping the young offensive mind trend going here with Brian Johnson of the Eagles. He has been their offensive coordinator for this season. Philadelphia has been able to produce plenty of head coaches around the NFL for plenty of seasons. Depending on how the Eagles finish their season, someone like Johnson could be next up.

The Steelers could find it interesting the type of similarities that Johnson has when compared to Mike Tomlin was given the job. Johnson is only 36 years old and could seem "raw" in the eyes of others in terms of his coaching experience. Sometimes getting the young guy to rejuvenate a locker room is the best course of action, which the Steelers experienced when Tomlin was hired.

Brian Flores could return to the Steelers as their head coach next year

Perhaps the most obvious choice to take over for Mike Tomlin was a member of his coaching staff last season. Brian Flores left for Minnesota this year to be their defensive coordinator, and he has been able to find ways of making that group a quality unit. They have plenty of holes across their defense as a whole, but Flores has been able to make them a strong point for the club.

If Tomlin were to be fired or traded Flores would be a profound hire as he finally gets a head coaching job again. He is a tough guy who is not afraid to tell his players no. That is something that the Steelers have been missing as Tomlin routinely remains a player-friendly coach. Hiring Flores would be a new era for Pittsburgh and someone they could count on for plenty of years to come.