Top 5 anthems that get Steelers Nation going at home games

  • Hell's Bells is perfect in Acrisure Stadium
  • Steelers fans know all about enjoying the Crazy Train
  • Black and Yellow is perfection

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Pittsburgh Steelers fans are some of the most die-hard fans in all of sports. It is well-known that Steelers Nation is one of the best traveling fanbases in all of sports, as they have fans across the country, and make their presence felt even during road games.

However, their presence is best felt when the Steelers are playing at home, at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh as can be expected. Watching their team play gets the fans hyped up, and something that gets them even more hyped up during the game is when an anthem is played over the speakers in the stadium. The following five anthems are the songs that get Steelers fans going more than any other.

5. Hell's Bells - AC/DC

Hell's Bells is one of the most popular tracks to play at sports games. The hit song came off of AC/DC's 1980 hit album Back in Black. This song has become a popular sports anthem over the years, being played before kickoff, and while teams are on defense looking to stop big third downs.

This is an iconic track that gets Acrisure Stadium, or any other sports arena going any time it's played. Seeing Steelers defenders walk up to get ready for a third down with this song blasting in the background is likely intimidating for opposing offenses. The introduction can send chills down anyone's spine and is the perfect track to play before a key third down.

While Hell's Bells made the list, it is not the only AC/DC song that was considered for the list. Thunderstruck, off the 1990 album The Razor's Edge, is another iconic rock track from the popular band and is another staple at sporting events. This one also can be heard at Steelers games and gets fans going just as well, however, this one is typically played before kickoffs, and several other songs are played more often in those scenarios, which made this an honorable mention.