Top 5 anthems that get Steelers Nation going at home games

  • Hell's Bells is perfect in Acrisure Stadium
  • Steelers fans know all about enjoying the Crazy Train
  • Black and Yellow is perfection

Pittsburgh Steelers
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4. Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Another rock classic makes the cut, as Ozzy Osbourne's signature track Crazy Train is a staple at Steelers' games, as well as many other sporting events. The hit track came on Osbourne's first solo album, Blizzard of Ozz, in 1980, and has been one of the most iconic songs in the genre ever since.

Whether it's the introduction or the iconic chorus, either verse can commonly be heard at sporting events. The introduction is one of the most played songs before kickoff at Steelers games, as Randy Rhoads' signature guitar riff gets the stadium rocking every time.

Osbourne's chorus is something often played during games as well, and something that may be played after a Steelers touchdown. No matter what part of the track plays, Acrisure Stadium is guaranteed to get loud any time it comes on the speakers.