Top 5 anthems that get Steelers Nation going at home games

  • Hell's Bells is perfect in Acrisure Stadium
  • Steelers fans know all about enjoying the Crazy Train
  • Black and Yellow is perfection

Pittsburgh Steelers
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3. Kernkraft 400 (Sport Chant Stadium Remix) - Zombie Nation

Of all the songs on this list, none are made more famous by being played at sporting events than Kernkraft 400. This track is a techno song, that while it has some words muttered throughout the song, is mainly an instrumental track. Its use at stadiums is the main reason the song is famous, and for good reason.

Kernkraft 400 is the signature kickoff song, as this is the song I affiliated with the opening kickoff of Steelers games throughout my childhood. The track is the perfect way to get fans on their feet prior to the start of a game, and fans can easily be heard singing along with the beat to the tune of different inflections of the word Oh.

This song and sporting events will forever be linked and is one of the most iconic tracks at Steelers games. While it doesn't have the chart-topping success of some of the other anthems on this list, that doesn't make it any less effective at hyping up the crowd.