Top 5 anthems that get Steelers Nation going at home games

  • Hell's Bells is perfect in Acrisure Stadium
  • Steelers fans know all about enjoying the Crazy Train
  • Black and Yellow is perfection

Pittsburgh Steelers
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1. Renegade - Styx

It should come as no surprise that Renegade sits atop the list of Steelers' anthems. The song has essentially become the Steelers official anthem, as broadcasters, reporters, and opposing teams have spoken about it.

The hit song was released in 1979 by Styx on their album Pieces of Eight. While it hasn't always been an anthem for the Steelers, the song has become an essential part of every Steelers game over the last 15 years or so. Once a game, typically in the biggest moment of the game, Renegade will begin to play to hype up the crowd and get the players locked in. Acrissure Stadium explodes when the song plays, and it's a song the team rallies around.

The song's slow build and quick explosion make it a perfect choice for use during a commercial break, before a key moment in the game, to get the stadium rocking. All of the songs on this list get Steelers fans loud and hyped, but no song electrifies Acrisure Stadium and the city of Pittsburgh quite like Renegade does. The atmosphere in the stadium is truly different, with fans all on their feet, waving the Terrible Towels, when the song comes on, and that's why it checks in at number one on the list.