Trading for success: 5 moves that could reshape the struggling Steelers

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An under the radar target for Pittsburgh could be Tavierre Thomas

Adding to the offense could be the obvious choice for the black and gold, but their defense has had its fair share of problems. The secondary is where the main question marks persist after seven weeks of competition. Joey Porter Jr. has shown a lot of good qualities and has slowly increased his role with each passing week.

Now with Porter seemingly gaining a starting role down the stretch for the Steelers, the other cornerback spots on the defense come to light. There are issues on the outside cornerback spot opposite of Porter, but the slot cornerback spot is not in a better state. Chandon Sullivan has been bad, but there could be some alternatives.

Peterson will have a role there it seems going forward, but his age and lack of speed could lead to problems in coverage. Adding someone via trade like Tavierre Thomas of the Houston Texans might be a great get for the Steelers. He is not well known, but he grades out well every year and that trend is continuing in 2023.

He would be an immediate upgrade over any slot corner options that Pittsburgh currently houses on their roster. The main issue would be if the Texans would be willing to do a trade involving Thomas. He is scheduled to become a free agent and is on a cheap contract for the remainder of this year. Thomas would be a great get for the Steelers and an immediate upgrade.