Trading for success: 5 moves that could reshape the struggling Steelers

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Jaylon Johnson makes a lot of sense for Pittsburgh before the trade deadline

One of the bigger names being floated around the NFL trade deadline this year is Jaylon Johnson of the Chicago Bears. He has been an outstanding corner for them, especially with how bad their defense has been in the past couple of seasons. Johnson will bring some value back from a trade and the Bears should be all ears.

Johnson would be a pure rental for the Steelers as his contract expires after the season. But with Levi Wallace coming off the books and Patrick Peterson potentially being gone as a cap casualty, it's possible that Johnson could earn a contract extension in Pittsburgh. If he is traded to the Steel City and performs well opposite of Porter for the rest of the season then he could get into a negotiation process.

Both Peterson and Wallace have been terrible on the outside for the black and gold this season. There seems to be no fix in sight for either of them on the outside. Maybe Peterson could be better in the slot, but both he and Wallace have no speed in the tank. Johnson is a young player with a lot more speed to help cover receivers.

Adding someone like him should not cost too much and his cap hit isn't abnormally high either. The different aspects of the trade could work for both sides. The Steelers need another outside cornerback down the stretch to start opposite of Porter. Johnson seems like he could be that guy moving forward, and maybe even past this season.

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