Where are they now? The Steelers that have moved on to other teams in recent years

  • Matt Feiler is still a starter
  • Artie Burns makes a name for himself as quality depth
  • James Conner is still getting the job done
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster is not the same
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Artie Burns has found a way to expand his NFL career since departing the Steelers

It's been almost four years since Artie Burns last wore the black and gold colors in Pittsburgh. He was their first-round pick back in the 2016 NFL Draft, which was an obvious turnabout move after the Bengals took William Jackson III one pick prior. It seemed to cause panic in the Steelers' draft room, and they decided to just take the next cornerback on their board.

Draft choices like that setback Pittsburgh's future in football, especially on the defensive side of things. Burns was not meant to be chosen that high, but cornerback is a vital position in football and that led to him being a first-round selection. From day one, you could tell that Burns was not going to be a quality starter in the NFL. He got beat routinely and could not match up with NFL receivers.

His character as a person cannot be questioned, but his play on the football field can. Burns jumped over to the Bears after four failed seasons in Pittsburgh. He did not find great success in Chicago as a starter. He began losing that spot and would eventually see it slip away as time went on. After only a couple of years with Chicago, Burns would find another home.

He signed with the Seattle Seahawks to try and find new footing in the NFL. He has not been a starter for them, but he has been able to stick on their roster as a quality depth piece. Burns has not lived up to his first-round pedigree in the league, but he has been able to overcome a lot of obstacles. He was able to adapt to his situation and find ways to stay in the NFL.