Yay or Nay on the Steelers crazy trade rumors days before the NFL Trade Deadline

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Nay: The Steelers shouldn't trade for Jaire Alexander from the Packers

Citing the secondary for a lot of the issues for the Steelers defense again here and cornerback is a big problem. A fix could be on the roster with Joey Porter Jr., but the other outside cornerback spot is an issue. It was floated recently that Pittsburgh could be searching the trade market for potential fixes. It still seems like a pipe dream, but it's possible.

Arthur Moats is a former outside linebacker for the black and gold who currently works in the media. He has come out and stated that someone like Jaire Alexander would be a perfect fit for the Steelers and their secondary problem. He has a point as the 26-year-old corner of Green Bay would be a great addition to this defense.

Alexander has been one of the best corners in the NFL since he came into the league, but the biggest issue is his contract. He is under his current deal through the 2026 season. His cap hits in the future are astronomical, but he could be worth the price as those will hit during his prime years. It is unknown if Alexander is available via trade.

One would have to imagine that Pittsburgh would need to offer a substantial package to peak the Packers interest. A first round pick might get a conversation going, but they will also need to figure out the cap issue that Alexander would bring over not only for this season but beyond. There seem to be too many issues going against a possible deal between the Steelers and Packers with Alexander in the fold.