Steelers GM Colbert Less Than Rave Review


The Steelers GM, Kevin Colbert, has been part of the organization since 2000.

A large enough sample by far in order to critique his ability to acquire the proper roster for wining.

Two Super Bowl victories, three appearances, and numerous playoff runs. Pretty good, but the recent slide in defensive potency and propensity to stick with aging veterans certainly soils up the ol’ resume.

So, how does Colbert rank among the other 26 current GM’s who are not new to their team? decided to rank the current NFL GM’s, and Colbert lands at #19. Here’s what they had to say about him:

"19. Kevin Colbert, SteelersLast Year’s Ranking: 23Kevin Colbert is unreasonably good at drafting receivers. The rest? Let’s just say he’s lucky to have Ben Roethlisberger. Colbert has let the Steelers’ typically elite defense slip into mediocrity, while finding offensive linemen capable of keeping Roethlisberger upright has proven a daunting challenge for the Steelers’ personnel man. Colbert’s line was improved in 2014, but his collection of 53 players still failed to win a playoff game for the fourth time in as many years. With Dick LeBeau and Troy Polamalu both gone, Colbert is running out of connections to the Steelers’ 2000s golden age, which will only shine a brighter light on his roster failures. Colbert has been around for some boom times, but the further the Steelers get from the Bill Cowher era, the less clear it gets just how much of an asset Colbert really is."

As the article title hinted at, not quite the raving review we would want about a guy who has so much influence over the direction of this team.

It’s a rather honest assessment, but I would argue that the blanket ‘good at drafting receivers’ is a bit of a stretch and only takes into account the most recent success of Antonio Brown and the potential behind Martavis Bryant and Markus Wheaton.

Perhaps that justifies his jump four spots from 23, which he was awarded last year?

I really don’t agree with the Bill Cowher era argument. That duo had their struggles with him as coach and at times seemed even more dysfunctional than the Tomlin era ever has.

The most glaring offense currently is the state of the defense. If he can’t get good solid and immediate production out of his rookies and young guys who are still developing, then he is no better than Reggie McKenzie and the dismal Raiders.

Eventually the impressions of the past will succumb to the fog of time, and the ‘what have you done for me lately’ culture will demand immediate improvement or a change of the guard.

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