AFC North Draft: Ravens Select Breshad Perriman


Joe Flacco said not too long ago that he was fine with the receivers he already had on the roster. Fortunately for Flacco, however, he doesn’t make personnel decisions.

With the 26th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravels selected Breshad Perriman, wide receiver out of Central Florida. Perriman is a 6’2”, 212 lb big target for Flacco, who has a new weapon for his signature heave and hope move. Perriman is going to learn how to draw some penalties so he can get in his new quarterback’s good graces.

Perriman’s strengths are listed as his height, speed and acceleration. He’s also known for good run-blocking skills. His weaknesses, however, are that he relies on his speed and athleticism over accuracy and is inconsistent at selling and finishing routes in which he is not the intended target.

He also has been described as a receiver who will sit and wait on the throw as opposed to working to grab it, which may come back to haunt him and the Ravens when he realizes that Flacco might be able to get the ball deep to him, but if he’s not willing to make the play to go up and get it and doesn’t draw a foul, it’s a lost play all around.

Surely this puts even more pressure on the Steelers to address the secondary in the second round. Not that Perriman is expected to come out of the gates as a deep threat the Steelers should be concerned with, but with their toughest division rival amping up their wide receiver corps, the Steelers must counter by strengthening their secondary. For the love of god strengthen up the secondary.

Steeler Nation what do you think of the Ravens pick of wide receiver Breshad Perriman? Could he be the new Torrey Smith for the Ravens?

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