NFL Draft: Steelers’ First Round Grade


Kevin Colbert was not shy about his feelings concerning the Steelers’ first round pick tonight, Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree. The linebacker from the University of Kentucky, by many accounts, was not expected to reach the number 22 pick of tonight’s round. Colbert showed his surprise in his press conference after the pick.

Most fans and analysts listed cornerback as the number one need for the Steelers this offseason. However, the Steelers have typically drafted based on the best player available to them. This year it just so happened that the player they had ranked highest that was left when they picked also filled another huge need.

The best way to help the secondary without adding secondary players is a pass rush. In college, Dupree made it a habit to disrupt plays in the backfield of the opposing offense. That kind of pressure can take some the the onus off of the coverage unit.

Size is one thing that fans have often questioned when it comes to recent linebacker picks by Pittsburgh. That won’t happen with Dupree. At 6’4″ 269 pounds, Dupree is an imposing defensive force that moves like a smaller man.

Following the retirement of Jason Worlids, the Steelers’ certainly needed help at OLB. They got it in round one. Not only was Dupree the best player available, he filled a big need on this defense. With Keith Butler transitioning to defensive coordinator, the former linebackers coach can use all of the tools he can get.

For drafting for talent and get lucky with a need, the Steelers get an “A” in round one.

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