Steelers International: Further Globalization Could Lead To Expanded Season


The Steelers are a global commodity. Steeler Nation exists across all continents.

We even have thousands of readers per month who are from countries outside of the United States visit this site in order to get their Steelers fix.

Recently, Bob Labriola wrote about his conversation with team president Art Rooey II about the global expansion of the NFL

"We would love to play another game in Mexico at some point, and so that part of taking NFL football to another country is something in which we have a keen interest. The Steelers are interested in the other international games as well, and so there’s a lot of activity going on. There’s a lot of interest in NFL football around the world, and we’re just trying to keep developing that."

Although he’s specifically speaking about the Steelers, Rooney is part of the NFL’s International Committee, and his views reflect the broader view of the NFL executives (mainly Commish Rodger Goodell). The NFL will play more games internationally.

Hey cool. But, one problem. Three of the six teams playing in the three international games in 2015 are losing a home game back in the States.

That doesn’t sit well with those fans who miss out on one of the eight home games. Even fans who reside in a different city could miss their team traveling to a nearby city – like myself when the Steelers and Minnesota Vikings traveled to London rather than hold the game where I reside in Minneapolis.

Let me tell you… I was pissed.

Like it or not, more games will be played across the globe. Remember, whatever the NFL wants, the NFL gets…. most of the time. We might even see ever single team play an international game for a total of eight games that could range from Mexico to London to Germany and all points East.

There’s another issue that’s been at the forefront of one Goodell’s initiatives.

Expanding the season – regular and playoffs.

The idea of playing more than 16 games a season (or one more playoff game for that matter) has not set well with players and their union. More games equals more wear and tear on the body.

Players are technically getting paid for 16 regular season games (and playoffs if fortunate). Were the league to expand games, they would essentially be getting paid less per game under current contracts.

Those issues aside, I think there’s a point where these two initiatives meet and will work together.

The regular season expansion could include a home game for the teams specifically getting one taken away from them in order to combat fan displeasure.

Don’t buy into that, and the idea of these two justifying the other still holds strong. Both equal more revenue for the league which then in turn leads to more revenue for the owners and players.

Seems like the two issues go hand in hand, and the NFL gets what it wants.

Rooney II said that by the end of this decade we could see more games with one being played in Mexico and one in Germany.

By the end of this decade we could also see 17 or 18 games that encompass the regular season.

Might we even see a Super Bowl played on the international stage?

What are your thoughts on both of these issues? Do you want your Steelers to travel to Berlin to face the Arizona Cardinals?

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