Steelers OTA Day 3 Wrap Up


The Pittsburgh Steelers heading out onto the practice field for OTAs where the rookie class and returning players will be participating in drills and getting acquainted. While the new Steelers get acclimated with the Steel City we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Friday, May 29th.

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How’s Bud coming along?

Steelers top draft pick Bud Dupree is three days into his first practice experience with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This ain’t rookie camp no more, now he’s got a veteran like James Harrison prepare and practice but Dupree thinks he’s getting the hang of things already, according to Teresa Varley.

"“The first day was kind of fast for me and the rest of the rookies, but I feel like we are adjusting well and learning the plays on the go. I think I am adjusting fast to the playbook. I know a lot of it right now, but I want to keep on learning.” – Bud Dupree"

The team broke after Thursday’s practice and will resume OTAs on Tuesday. In the mean-time, Dupree is going to keep his nose in the book; the playbook.

"“I am definitely going to get in the playbook and make sure I know it even better than I know it now. If I get in the playbook, know the plays and get my body taken care of, I know I will be good.” – Bud Dupree"

Brown’s insane post-practice workouts

If you thought James Harrison’s weight-lifting videos were insane, apparently Antonio Brown has some post-practice routines that are more cardio than weight lifting, but equally insane. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler talked to Steelers LB and Brown’s workout buddy, Sean Spence, to find out that the league’s top wide receiver last year is following this year’s OTA practices with 200 abdominal reps and 50 push-ups.

Brown and Spence, both originally from Miami, workout together regularly throughout the year and Brown’s post-practice workout tell only part of the story about his insatiable drive to always improve.

"“I have guys across the league trying to be better than me. I have to stay hungry … You always want to set the tempo and be better than you were.” – Antonio Brown"

If you stay hungry, you stay fed.

Bettis high on Bell

Jerome Bettis is just a few months shy of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and as one of the greatest Steelers running backs of all time he’s got some pretty lofty praise for the Steelers current running back, Le’Veon Bell. He spoke with the PPG’s Ed Bouchette about how high he thinks Bell can go.

"“I think if he continues on his course, I think he can be one of the best that ever put on a uniform – not just a Steelers uniform, one of the best running backs ever.” – Jerome Bettis"

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