10 bold predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023

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3. Cam Heyward Retires following the season after a year of slowing down

Most of this prediction will be based on a couple of situations becoming true. The truth of the matter is Father Time is undefeated and Cam Heyward will have his age catch up to him at some point in time. He is 34 years old heading into this season and will probably start to decline sooner rather than later. He cannot keep up his pace of play forever.

His leadership on this team has been unmatched for the past five plus years or so. Heyward leads both vocally and by example. He is helpful in the community and continues to appreciate the Pittsburgh roots that he comes from. Age is the end of all careers, and it might start to show up this season or next.

If Heyward's play starts to decline at a noticeable rate and either DeMarvin Leal or Keeanu Benton steps into his role before the season ends, Heyward could become more expendable. He costs a lot against the cap and could be forced into retirement like many other popular Steelers before him were. That is one reason for the retirement of Heyward following this schedule.

Another would be if the black and gold shocked the world and won the Super Bowl. That is something Heyward has been constantly working towards throughout his career and has come up short during his 12 years in the NFL. If they would win, it would be enticing for the aging veteran to hang up his cleats after conquering the league's highest achievement.