2 players (and 1 coach) the Steelers desperately need to move on from in 2024

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers had playoff aspirations for most of this year, unfortunately, things began to spiral out of control down the stretch. There are many people that blame can be placed on but that's not what we're here to talk about.

If the Steelers want to return to being a legitimate postseason contender next season they will have to make some changes. They will have to hit on their draft choices, make some moves in free agency, and maybe even make a few trades. But before they do any of that, they must cut the fat on their roster, and let go of three people who they can't bring back again next year.

3. Pressley Harvin III

Every year since being drafted by the Steelers, Pressley Harvin has seemingly been on the roster bubble, yet he continues to make the team. Harvin was a seventh round draft selection in 2021 out of Georgia Tech, and the team seemingly refuses to admit it was wrong in drafting him.

While he has one of the strongest legs in the entire NFL, he is far too inconsistent to send out there again next year, particularly for a team that doesn't have a strong offense and punts a lot. While he will rip off a few beautiful punts each season, he seemingly shanks one kick each week, giving the opponent plus-field position.

The Steelers don't score many points as it is, and play in tightly contested defensive football games, a bad punt each week can be the difference in one scoring possession that results in a loss. While it'd be nice to see Harvin reach the potential they believed he had when they drafted him, the Steelers don't have time to sit around and wait for it. They need to bring in a consistent veteran punter, who may not have as much upside but will be much more reliable, and they'll know what they're getting out of him.