2 players (and 1 coach) the Steelers desperately need to move on from in 2024

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2. Levi Wallace

It should come as no surprise that Levi Wallace finds himself on this list. Wallace has shown his age this season, as his play has dropped off in a big way, and he has struggled to keep up with opposing receivers. Joey Porter Jr. took over for Wallace as the starting outside cornerback during the middle of the season and hasn't looked back since.

Porter looks to be a true building block piece at the cornerback position for the Steelers, and the team will surely be looking for another player to match up with him on the outside. In addition, the team could use some help in the slot as well. Aside from Porter, the positional group needs an overhaul, and it would not be a surprise if the team uses one of its top two draft selections on the position.

While it would not be a surprise to see any other player on the team go at this position Wallace is truly the one that the team cannot afford to bring back next year. He was at one time a solid option at the position, but that time is past. His speed has taken a big hit, and he was targeted and burned frequently by any outside wide receiver he covered this year.

Many would say that Patrick Peterson has to go as well, but I believe he will remain in Pittsburgh next year. They only have him under contract for one more year, and although he looked bad early in the year, he has gotten a little better as the year has gone along. He can't be a starting outside option anymore, as his speed has taken a huge hit but, unlike Wallace, he still brings some value to the table, if the team decides to keep him in a depth role.