3 biggest Steelers winners from the Kevin Dotson trade

These three members of the Steelers have the most to gain from Dotson's departure.

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Kendrick Green just had his job saved

In my latest Steelers roster prediction following Pittsburgh's preseason finale against the Atlanta Falcons, I did predict that both Kevin Dotson and Spencer Anderson would make the 53-man roster (with Anderson being the final offensive lineman to make the cut). However, I had Kendrick Green failing to land on the roster for the first time since being drafted.

Back in 2021, the Steelers spent a third-round pick on the athletic center. However, his dismal play over the past two years suggests that his former high draft status may have been the only thing keeping him around.

Additionally, Green was aided this summer by a lack of real depth at the center position. Instead of bringing in another veteran to compete against, Green's biggest competition came against Ryan McCollum (who was rather underwhelming). But thanks to position flexibility with players like Nate Herbig and Spencer Anderson (who can both play some center), it still looked like Green was destined to be cut.

Now his job may have just been saved thanks to the Kevin Dotson trade. Even if the Steelers decide to shuffle their offensive line if Mason Cole were to go down, Green is the beneficiary of the numbers game right now, and barring a trade for a backup center or addition on the waiver wire, Kendrick Green could be part of the team once again in 2023.