3 problems the Steelers are already dealing with in training camp

  • The injury bug has struck Steelers camp
  • Two positions with concerning performances
Steelers, Cory Trice Jr.
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1. Steelers have a mess at slot cornerback

One position that has concerned me since before the 2023 free agency period even started way back in March was the slot cornerback position. Last year, this was a role that was primarily occupied by Arthur Maulet. However, the results were pretty abysmal when he was on the field. I was perfectly fine with the decision to part ways with him in 2023, but I'm still not convinced the Steelers have an answer at the position.

To begin training camp, the Steelers have deployed a plethora of slot cornerbacks with the first-team defense (more so out of desperation than anything else). Pittsburgh is trying to find a player that will work for them, but that's not guaranteed to happen.

The team hopes that Patrick Peterson can help them in this area, but this is a role that he has rarely played throughout his NFL career. If Peterson proves that he's not the answer, then what happens?

In years past, the Steelers have had multiple players like Mike Hilton and Cameron Sutton who were tailor-made for the slot CB role. Now they might not have a single player on their team who can do this at a high enough level. On the team's first depth chart of 2023, Chandon Sullivan, Elijah Riley, and Duke Dawson were the only three nickel cornerbacks listed. If nobody steps up to the plate, this could get ugly.

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