3 Steelers entering 2024 in precarious situations

These three Steelers will face a lot of questions about their future in Pittsburgh after the 2024 season.
Cameron Heyward
Cameron Heyward / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

As the 2024 season nears closer and closer, excitement grows for both players and fans alike. However, for some players, the 2024 season will bring a lot of questions to the table about their future in the league.

Change happens all the time in the NFL. Players are cut or traded with little to no warning. Coaching philosophies change with the times. And new players enter the league that forces everyone else to adapt or perish. The 2024 season is set to be a precarious one for these 3 current Steelers, as their future after the season depends on how they play during the season.

1. Russell Wilson, QB

Russell Wilson will most likely enter the 2024 season as the starting quarterback, barring an injury or an unbelievable camp from Justin Fields. Wilson is 35 years old now and coming off solid, not great years in Denver.

If Wilson wants to extend his career beyond the one-year veteran minimum the Steelers signed him for, he'll need to play well during the 2024 season. With Fields already garnering a lot of fan support, Wilson will have to deal with the noise from that in addition to trying to play well.

If Wilson struggles over the first few weeks and is benched for Fields, his NFL career could be in serious jeopardy. It's not likely that any team would sign Wilson to be a starter next offseason if that happens, which puts Wilson's career in a very precarious situation entering the 2024 season.

2. Najee Harris, RB

Najee Harris is another Steeler entering the 2024 season in a precarious situation because of his contract situation.

Harris had his fifth-year option declined by the Steelers this offseason, meaning he's entering the last year of his rookie deal. Given the shelf life of most running backs and Jaylen Warren's presence on the roster, it's smart to assume this could easily be Harris' last season in Pittsburgh. Barring an incredible season where Harris ascends to the next level of running backs in the league, I think this will be his last season in Pittsburgh.

This puts Harris in a precarious spot because he'll be playing for a contract this season. The running back market is better than it was 10 years ago, but still not great. Harris will need to perform in a big time way during 2024 to get the money he wants and with numerous weapons on the Steelers' roster this year, he might not get the chance to shine.

Harris' future contract depends on this season which puts him in a precarious situation entering the 2024 season.

3. Cam Heyward, DT

It feels like Cam Heyward's been in a precarious situation for this entire offseason.

Whether it was sitting out of minicamp or foolishly making comments about playing in Cleveland, Heyward has seen his status as a fan-favorite drop a little bit. The 35-year-old is no doubt a Steelers legend, but his future in the league is far less certain. Heyward is entering the last year of his contract and wants one more payday before hanging up his boots.

The problem is that he'll be 36 years old by the time a new contract kicks in and has a lot of tread on his tires. The Steelers are looking to get younger at the position and already have money tied up elsewhere, which leaves Heyward in an awkward position.

His future after 2024 is up in the air and depends on how he performs during the season. This puts him in an extremely precarious spot entering this season.