4 disappointing Steelers who must take a monumental leap immediately

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3. Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett said he will be ready to play this week. If he is, he better bring his "A" Game because the Steelers need it. The team has looked anemic on the offensive side of the ball for much of this season and needs a spark. They have seen far too many three-and-outs, and have spent very little time in the red zone.

While there have been a variety of factors that have resulted in this poor play on the offensive side of the ball, Pickett has undoubtedly been one of them. If Pickett plays there should be no excuses about his health, because if he's good enough to start then he better play effectively. The team has looked sluggish in the first half of games far too often over the last few years, Pickett and the offense need to come out firing the last few years, in order to infuse some life into the offense.

Pickett has looked antsy at times and left the pocket before it completely collapsed, for example, during the play he was injured. He has shown an ability to stare down pressure and make a throw even though he knows he's about to take a hit, which shows plenty of poise, but he needs to show that more consistently. Yes, he can use his legs and should as it will help add a dimension to the offense, but if the pocket hasn't yet collapsed, and there are throws to be made, he must stand in and make them.

One of the best games of his young career came last season in Baltimore when he led a game-winning drive, that was capped off by a touchdown pass to Najee Harris. There's no reason that he cannot do the same this week at home against Baltimore. These rivalry games are always close and chippy, while he may not have a pretty stat line, the Steelers need Pickett to show them something this week, with some big throws on third downs, when they need him most, in order to build some momentum entering the bye week.