4 disappointing Steelers who must take a monumental leap immediately

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2. Isaac Seumalo

Isaac Seumalo was one of the biggest additions that the team made this offseason. Omar Khan went out and made plenty of moves this offseason to bring talent in for Pittsburgh in Free Agency, something that was uncommon for the teams during the Kevin Colbert era. Most of those signings this offseason have lived up to the expectations, but Seumalo and Peterson are the two that haven't.

Seumalo was an integral piece of a dominant Philadelphia Eagles offensive line last season and was brought in to hopefully be an anchor for Pittsburgh's offensive line. While it's still early in the season, the group has not looked good and has actually looked worse than what they looked like at the end of last season. They still can improve as they play together more and start to gel, but one thing is for sure the team needs them to begin to gel faster.

The entire unit has not played as the team has hoped, but Seumalo is the one I single out here because he was the big change this year for the team, aside from Broderick Jones but he was not expected to enter into the starting lineup immediately. Seumalo has not played up to his standards, both in the passing and running game.

The Steelers offense needs him to pick up his play in a big way, in order to help Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren find some running room, and for Kenny Pickett to have some more time to pass. If Seumalo can improve his play, that will take a little pressure off the rest of the offensive line, and hopefully will lead to increased production out of the entire unit.