4 disappointing Steelers who must take a monumental leap immediately

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1. George Pickens

Unlike the other players on this list, George Pickens has not underperformed thus far this season, as he has been pretty effective thus far for the Steelers. However, the offense as a whole has been very sluggish and ineffective, and with Diontae Johnson and Pat Freiermuth injured, he is the unquestioned top weapon in the offense.

With the team facing injuries and the offense sputtering, the Steelers are going to need Pickens to step up his game. Pickens has been hyped up by fans and analysts all offseason for how talented he is and the receiver that he can become, and while he has shown flashes of that, it has not shown up consistently. In a massive divisional game against the Ravens, Pickens has the opportunity to prove he has everything it takes to one day be the alpha receiver in Pittsburgh and one of the top wide receivers in all of football.

This could be his last game as the unquestioned number-one target for Pickett, and he should see plenty of looks in the passing game. An explosive play or two out of Pickens coupled with some short and intermediate catches could be just what the doctor ordered for the Steelers offense. If he and Pickett can begin to click that will open up so much for the offense, as it will force defenses to put fewer defenders in the box, which will give the Steelers more favorable rushing lanes.

If Pickens can step up in this game, that will do wonders for the offense, as he is one of the few players on the offense who can take the top off of a defense. The Steelers offense needs a spark and he is the guy who can provide it.

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The Steelers need these four players to step up this week in order to have success against their bitter rivals. A win would do wonders for the team, as it would not only put the team in first place in the AFC North but it would also help the Steelers build some momentum entering their bye week. With reinforcements on the way after the bye, the Steelers can keep building on that momentum, and hopefully make a run at the Division title, or at least a Wild Card berth.