4 intriguing quarterbacks for the Steelers to replace Kenny Pickett in 2024

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Steelers could sign Ryan Tannehill

Once you get past the current options on the roster, things get murky for the Steelers quarterback position. Free agents are expensive and risky, as teams aren’t apt to let top-level quarterbacks go to other teams. This leads to big contracts eating up a lot of cap space with little to show for it.

If you want to go the free-agent route, you need the perfect fit or someone at a great value who could be a rebound candidate. I went for the former with this first name. Ryan Tannehill has had quite a career so far in the NFL. From first-round pick, franchise quarterback for the Dolphins, to eventual castoff on the Titans.

Once he landed in Tennessee though, he refound himself. For the most part, this was due to the weapons around him and the fact that he could put a lot of pressure on the run game. Tannehill wasn’t asked to win games, but instead to be a better-than-average game manager. As the talent around him got worse, so did his play.

The Steelers offer Tannehill a similar situation to what he had when he first got traded to the Titans. The run game is strong, there are ample receivers, and the offensive line is on the up and up. Assuming his contract doesn’t break the bank, he could provide an upgrade for this team and give them a punch in the arm like he gave the Titans at first.